[About Mother Earth]
Mother Earth was established in 2003 as a publisher specializing in contemporary music.
With the support of many composers and performers, it is now Japan's largest contemporary music publisher, publishing over 3,000 songs. The songs we deal with are contemporary music, and we deal with genres of Japanese music, Western music and folk music.

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[Our policy]
I thought about the significance of publishing music.
How many songs have been replayed more than 10 times among the songs that premiere every year?
Mother Earth hopes that modern music will be replayed more by everyone who plays music. I think that when a composer produces a work, various people replay it, and the work grows up.
The works delivered from Mother Earth may change shape slightly after repeated performances.
Mother Earth is a new form of publishing that responds to such changes.
Towards the future, a lot of works will be delivered to the performers in real time.

The musical score published by Mother Earth is alive.
A reference sound source will be added to the Mother Earth publication score (in sequence).
Part music is created as needed, and folk music comes with specialized music other than the staff.
This is a new type of publisher that can be reprinted freely at any time by revising it based on the opinions and performances of the purchased customers.For those who have already purchased, Mother Earth information will be released in real time.

[Various information and precautions]
<Exchange service for reprinting of music published by Mother Earth>
At Mother Earth, we have a maintenance service that allows you to replace the purchased score with the latest version at 60% of the list price (until 2020, half price during the trial period!).
The music score will be worn out if used for many years. The more you practice, the worse your score.
Also, because the musical score published by Mother Earth is a “new composition publication”, it may be revised and revised by the composer himself by publishing and replaying. For this reason, we have made various efforts such as data management to facilitate reprinting. This is an exchange service that allows Mother Earth to trade in purchased music for half the price. With this service, I would like to keep the latest version of the score on the performers.

* Please contact Mother Earth for details.

[About copyright]
<When cutting songs or using parts>
Users should contact the publisher (copyright holder) in advance. A license is issued from the publisher to the user in accordance with the intention of the composer. Please contact Mother Earth for details.
<Copy music score and rental music score>
1) No copy of the score is allowed, so please purchase one copy per person.
2) Neither unauthorized lending nor unauthorized duplication is permitted.

[About Mother Earth Music Publication]
If you wish to publish from Mother Earth, please contact Mother Earth.

At Mother Earth, we are sure to meet the author at the first story of the publication. *
I'm going to see the music you want to publish, asking how you think about publishing, why you want to publish, why you want to publish, etc ...
Mother Earth will also explain what Mother Earth thinks about publishing music, explain copyrights, and Mother Earth policy. Then, we will propose and publish what publication methods and methods fit your teacher's thoughts.

At Mother Earth, we will discuss with the composer how to publish the music and composer's ideas.
I think it is important to think about not only publishing but also general work dissemination activities for composers.