S0503-1 Three Pieces for WA-GAKU(Shinobue,Shakuhachi2, Syamisen, Biwa2, Koto3, 17, Perc./T .SATO /Full Score)

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Title: Three Pieces for WA-GAKU
Composer: Toshinao SATO
Lyrics/words by:
Instrumentation:Shinobue,Shakuhachi2, Syamisen, Biwa2, Koto3, 17, Perc.
Year composed:1997
2st Edition:2023.12.5
Duration: ca. 14'
Attachiment CD: none
Released CD:
Product Dimensions(cm): A4
Publisher:Mother Earth
ISMN : 979-0-65003-696-2
Score type: S0503-1 Full score+ Shinobue part/1st Edition:2006.4.1
S0503-2 Full score+ Shakuhachi part/1st Edition:2006.4.1
S0503-4 Full score+ Shamisen(Jiuta) part/1st Edition:2006.4.1
S0503-5 Full score+ Shamisen(Bunaka) part/1st Edition:2006.4.1
S0503-6 Full score+ Biwai part/1st Edition:2006.4.1
S0503-7 Full score+koto part/3rd Edition:2009.12.1
S0503-8 Full score+ Perc. part/1st Edition:2006.4.1

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¥4,180 tax included