S0209 Momo's elegant days(Piano solo/Y. SANO /Full Score)

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Title: Momo's elegant days
Subtitle:for piano
Composer: Yoshimitsu SANO
Lyrics/words by:
Instrumentation:Piano solo
Include:1.In slumber
2.As I thought, going outside is fun!
3.Momo meets the neighborhood boss cat
4.Explosion of Momo's stress
5.Momo goes to the hospital
6.The fat cat Saba
7.Momo chases honey bees in the meadows
8.Momo is a bit sad today
9.The man next door hates cats!
10.Momo is transformed into a fish in her dream
11.Arrival of winter
12.Spring,just around the corner,and the budding of the cherry blossoms
Year composed:2001
1st Edition:2011.4.15
Duration: ca.18'
Attachiment CD: Yes
Released CD:
Product Dimensions(cm): A4
Publisher:Mother Earth
Score type: Full score

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¥2,640 tax included