S0210 The tale of Hiro the Puppy(Piano solo/Y. SANO /Full Score)

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Title: The tale of Hiro the Puppy
Subtitle:for piano
Composer: Yoshimitsu SANO
Lyrics/words by:
Instrumentation:Piano solo
Include:1. A sunny day in the park
2. Meeting Momo for the first time
3. Hiro running around during a walk
4. I'm so hungry! When is meal time?
5. The Hiro Blues
6. At sunset, howling at the sky
7. Entering into a dream
8. Hiro has a mysterious dream in the afternoon
9. The seasons chang from winter to spring
10. When we're left alone we're so bored!
11. In the gentle sunlight
12. Towards summer
Year composed:2002
1st Edition:2011.4.15
Duration: ca. 20'
Attachiment CD: Yes
Released CD:
Product Dimensions(cm): A4
Publisher:Mother Earth
Score type: Full score

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¥2,640 tax included