HTCA - 1002 Complete Schonberg Piano Pieces(Piano solo/Shoenberg /CD)

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Title: Complete Schonberg Piano Pieces
Subtitle:Works 11, 19, 23, 25, 33a, 33b
Composer: Shoenberg
Lyrics/words by:
Type: CD
Played by: Takahiro Sonoda
recorded music:1. Drei Klavierstücke Op.11
2. Sechs Klavierstücke
3. Fünf Klavierstücke Op.23
4. Suite für Klavier Op.25
5. Klavierstücke Op.33a
6. Klavierstücke Op.33b
Year composed:
Duration: ca.
Planning and production:Geijutsu Kyoiku Kikaku Co., Ltd
Released by:Hibright Co., Ltd
From:Nippon Crown Co., Ltd
Recording place:Vario Hall
Release date:
contents:Schonberg's entire piano pieces can be heard in this album. Through this world precious CD, you can grasp the whole picture of Schonberg who developed 12-tone music from atonality. Interesting disc to understand Sonoda's view toward this composer representing the 20th century.

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¥3,300 tax included