HTCA - 1024 Essential Chopin(Piano/Chopin /CD)

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Title: Essential Chopin
Subtitle:Nocturn ・ Barcarolle ・Etude・Fantaisie-Impromptu・Prelude・Berceuse・Polonaise-Fantasy・Ballade・Mazurka
Composer: Chopin
Lyrics/words by:
Type: CD
Played by: Takahiro Sonoda
recorded music:1.Nocturn in D-flat-major Op.27-2
2.Nocturn in F-sharp-major Op.15-2
3.Barcarolle in F-sharp-major Op.60
4.Etude in G-flat-major Op.10-5
5.Etude in E-major Op.10-3
6.Etude in C-minor Op.10-12
7.Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp-minor Op.66
8.Prelude in D-flat-major Op.28-15
9.Berceuse in D-flat-major Op.57
10.Polonaise-Fantasy in A-flat-major Op.-61
11.Ballade No.4 in F-minor Op.52
12.Mazurka in C-minor Op.30-1
13.Mazurka in D-major Op.33-2
14.Mazurka in F-minor Op.68-4
Year composed:
Duration: ca.
Planning and production:Geijutsu Kyoiku Kikaku Co., Ltd
Released by:Hibright Co., Ltd
From:Nippon Crown Co., Ltd
Recording place:
Release date:
contents:Title:Essential Chopin Composer:chopin HTCA - 1024/ Essential Chopin Unusually for Sonoda, this album is made collecting Chopin's popular pieces from past recordings. It also contains three Etudes from next CD.

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¥3,300 tax included