HTCA - 1025 Chopin Etudes(Piano/Chopin /CD)

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Title: Chopin Etudes
Subtitle:24 Practice Pieces Work 10, Work 25
Composer: Chopin
Lyrics/words by:
Type: CD
Played by: Takahiro Sonoda
recorded music:1.Op.10 No.1 C–major
2.Op.10 No.2 A-minor
3.Op.10 No.3 E-major(Farewell Song)
4.Op.10 No.4 C-sharp-minor
5.Op.10 No.5 G-flat-major(Black Key)
6.Op.10 No.6 E-flat-minor
7.Op.10 No.7 C-major
8.Op.10 No.8 F-major
9.Op.10 No.9 F-minor
10Op.10 No.10 A-flat-major
11.Op.10 No.11 E-flat-major
12.Op.10 No.12 C-minor(Revolution)
13.Op.25 No.1 A-flat-major (Shepherd's Flute)
14.Op.25 No.2 F-minor
15.Op.25 No.3 F-major
16.Op.25 No.4 A-minor
17.Op.25 No.5 E-minor
18.Op.25 No.6 G-sharp-minor
19.Op.25 No.7 C-sharp-minor
20.Op.25 No.8 D-flat-major
21.Op.25 No.9 G-flat-major(Butterfly)
22.Op.25 No.10 B-minor
23.Op.25 No.11 A-minor(Kogarashi)
24.Op.25 No.12 C-minor
Year composed:
Duration: ca.
Planning and production:Geijutsu Kyoiku Kikaku Co., Ltd
Released by:Hibright Co., Ltd
From:Nippon Crown Co., Ltd
Recording place:Isada Hall
Release date:
contents:It is exceptional for a pianist to challenge Chopin’s Etudes at the age of 70. Sonoda may have wanted to challenge not only virtuosic technique but “musical side” of these Etudes. This intension was fulfilled quite successfully and his performance received high acclaim.

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¥3,300 tax included