HTCA - 1028 Bach Album 2(Piano/Bach /CD)

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Title: Bach Album 2
Subtitle:French Suite Nos. 5, 2 Toccata de Yuet, 2 Mean Rhythm, Aria
Composer: Bach
Lyrics/words by:
Type: CD
Played by: Takahiro Sonoda
recorded music:1.Französische Suite Nr.5 g-moll BMV F816
2.Toccata e-moll BWV 914
3.Toccata fis-moll BWV 910
4.Vier Duetten BWM802~805
5.Aus "Wohltemperierte Klavier"
6.C-Dur BWV 846
7.cis-moll BWV 849
8."Aria" aus "Goldberg-Variationen"
Year composed:
Duration: ca.
Planning and production:Geijutsu Kyoiku Kikaku Co., Ltd
Released by:Hibright Co., Ltd
From:Nippon Crown Co., Ltd
Recording place:Fuchu no mori vienna hall
Release date:
contents:As the second collection of Bach’s masterpieces, No.5 from French Suite, two Toccatas coupled with adorable 4 Duets, an essence of Bach’s counterpoint.

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¥3,300 tax included