HTCA-1006 Favorite Encore Pieces(Piano/T. Sonoda /CD)

Title: Favorite Encore Pieces
Subtitle:Sonata(Longo 23), Pastorale & Capriccio /Scarlatti-Tausig ・Impromptu, Momento musical /Schubert-Godowsky ・Berceuse, Fantaisie-Impromptu, Nocturne /Chopin・Arabeske/Schumann・ Soirées de Vienne(Schubert) No.6 /Liszt・Arabesque No.1, La fille aux cheveux de lin /Debussy・Liebesleid(Kreisler) /Rachmaninoff
Composer: several
Lyrics/words by:
Type: CD
Instrumentation: Pioano
Played by: Takahiro Sonoda
recorded music:1. Sonata(Longo 23) in E /Scarlatti
2. Pastorale & Capriccio /Scarlatti-Tausig
3. Impromptu in A♭ Op.142-2 /Schubert
4. Momento musical in f♯ /Schubert-Godowsky
5. Berceuse in D♭ Op.57 /Chopin
6. Fantaisie-Impromptu in c♯ /Chopin
7. Nocturne in F♯ Op.15-2 /Chopin
8. Arabeske Op.18 /Schumann
9. Soirées de Vienne(Schubert) No.6 /Liszt
10. Arabesque No.1 /Debussy
11. La fille aux cheveux de lin /Debussy
12. Liebesleid(Kreisler) /Rachmaninoff
Year composed:
Duration: ca.
Planning and production:Geijutsu Kyoiku Kikaku Co., Ltd
Released by:Hibright Co., Ltd
From:Nippon Crown Co., Ltd
Recording place:
Release date:
contents:Sonoda’s favorite encore pieces are assorted here. Like Scarlatti transcribed by Tausig or Schubert’s Moments Musicaux transcribed into highly virtuosic music by Godowsky, you can enjoy elaborate devices.

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